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Handmade Natural Shampoo

Fragrance ( Please choose a variant )

Stop using chemical shampoo!

Normal shampoos have chemicals that weaken the hair and skin, the new Handmade Natural Shampoo is 100% made from natural extracts. It repairs the hair and strengthens the roots, for gentle, soft, and smooth hair. You can use it also as body and face soap.

Easy to carry with you thanks to its small size, it replaces bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and mask all at the same time.

Every Handmade Natural Shampoo bar is equivalent to 2.5 bottles of regular shampooso they'll save you money too!

Choose your fragrance:

Fragrance Benefits Types of hair
  Macaroon Soft, shiny, and manageable Children or chemically treated hair
Sunny Grapefruit Shiny All types of hair
Basin White Anti-inflammatory, hydrates All types of hair
Island Silk

Shiny, silky, with island blossoms aroma infusion

All types of hair
Cinnamon Stimulate hair growth, longer, thicker, and faster  All types of hair
Hair Nut Nourishes, cleans, and moisturizes Dry or damaged hair
Polygonum Anti-graying hair,  anti-frizz Dark hair
Jasmine Repairs, adds luster, strengthens follicles  All types of hair
Seaweed Nourishes the scalp, cleans and repairs daily, anti-dandruff All types of hair
Mint Refreshes, alleviates headache, cleans and strengthens weak hair All types of hair
Bamboo Charcoal Anti-bacterial,
anti-graying hair,
anti-oily hair, anti-psoriasis
All types of hair
Ginger Daily hair repair, growth, prevents hair loss All types of hair


Quantity: 2.11 oz.

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